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(K7BN)  A multiporpuse Business Network out to enable Individuals, Companies, Organizations,  and  Institutions to have access to  business opportunities. We also  help build capacities of individuals and institutions.


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Becoming successful in business is more about your mentality, psychology and determination than it is about finding little tips, tricks, hacks and exploitations in the marketplace.

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My business was suffering from slumber and I was actually experiencing a set-back till I came in contact with K7BN. My drive for business was revived through K7BN coaching, my business was redesigned, my mind reshaped for business, and my business premise was given a new look. Today I’m not only enjoying stability, but also experiencing growth. A big thank you to the K7BN team. You are truly the best.

Etchu Mbong Joecy CEO Mbong Designs (Designer/Producer of Office, Party, and Casual Wears)
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K7BN took a small business concept and made it reality. Not only was my business reshaped, it was amplified and opened to a wider market. Also, we have been granted access to a world of opportunities and a greater reach for our products and designs.Today I’m not only enjoying stability in business, but also experiencing growth. A big thank you to the K7BN team. You are truly the best.

Fola Prudencia Designer/Producer of Ankara Products
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With just a vision in my head. After discussing with the CEO, that thought became a whole business idea. Not only was it developed into a business concept, together with the K7BN team I was able to draw up and develop a solid business plan for my business. K7BN also helped me in determining the best market for me and today with just a few months of existence, my business is moving on a good footing.

Fola Redrigue CEO Fola Foundation Clinic (Primary Health Provider )
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One of the challenging things about setting up a microfinance IN 2019 for us was to get our targeted number of customers within the shortest possible time. At first when a K7BN agent visited us and proposed a Market and Lead Generation Survey for us, we thought it was not necessary. We decided to take the risk and engaged the deal. This Survey opened us to the public, gave us a Market, and helped us to come in direct contact with hundreds of prospective clients. Today our institution is fast growing in membership due to this survey.

Nchang Evangeline Manager; Sissia Cooperative Credit Union Ltd. (SICCUL)
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When we launched St. Elizabeth Bethel Health Center (SEBEHC) in Jan 2019, things were slow at the beginning. We decided to engage in a Market and Customer Satisfaction Survey to better understand the market and satisfy our customers. The K7BN Survey Team picked out a lot of points which reshaped the institution and improved our services. Today we are experiencing growth in the Institution and a good turnover thanks to the survey we conducted. Our sincere appreciation to the K7BN team and to keep up the good work.

Tah Ethel Administrator; St. Elizabeth Bethel Health Center (SEBEHC)